About Us

Design Smart Living is a new business that was formed by David Carter in 2013. We are focussed on design of residential and small commercial projects throughout the Central Coast and Hunter Region. Right from the initial project brief, through to the detailed construction stage, Design Smart Living will assist you through every stage of your project.

why design with us?

contemporary designs

We are passionate designers and always ahead of the trends to make your house feel like home.


In this day and age, it’s important to have a home that is energy efficient to lower your living costs and your impact on the planet.


We have been lucky enough to design some amazing residential homes and commercial builders on the Central Coast.


We understand it can be expensive starting your new home. We offer the fairest pricing and obligation-free onsite quotes.

commercial & residential

David has over 10 years of experience in building design, and has worked in leading architectural practices on the Central Coast. David has also held a number of design management positions for local building companies within the region. As David now moves into the private business sector, he brings a broad knowledge of hands-on construction and design disciplines together.

As a HIA GreenSmart Accredited Professional, David’s forte is designing unique residential homes that are comfortable to live in and have less impact on the environment. Design Smart Living’s good design principles can save energy, water and money, while creating a more enjoyable and comfortable home.


Modern design

All of our homes are individually designed to make the best use of each site. To ensure good sustainable design, the following suggestions should be considered.

  • The location of the house and the orientation on the block
  • Locate non-habitable rooms to the western side (eg bathrooms, laundry, garage) and main living rooms to the north.
  • Avoid excessive window to floor area, or choose improved performance glazing.
  • Consider the level and type of insulation to walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Minimise wall area – avoid complicated floor plans that increase external wall area
  • Maximise northern windows
  • Minimise western windows – and to a lesser extent eastern windows
  • Minimise or eliminate southern windows
  • Think about appropriate window shading – adjustable to northern windows, screening to western windows

Energy efficient

As a HIA GreenSmart Professional, there are nominated guidelines that assist in creating the ideal energy efficient home. We look at the various elements that make up an energy efficient home, and  accommodate for these elements within our designs. Incorporating GreenSmart principles into building projects generates environmental benefits through :

  • reduced greenhouse emissions
  • lower energy usage
  • reduced water consumption
  • less construction waste
  • limiting the use of non-renewable materials

Hear from our happy clients

“I thought it was a good idea to do my own designs for our extension. I was pretty happy with how they came out but was struggling to get through the council documents. Over a year later I decided to bite the bullet and hire Dave for his services - one of the best decisions I've ever made. Dave's plans made mine look like a kindergartener's scribble, and he took care of all the council side of things with ease. Save yourself time and head-space and get Design Smart Living on the job. We’re about to start construction and I’m super excited to see Dave’s plans made real!”


Shelly Beach, Central Coast

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